INDIBA for Wound Care

Wound Care With INDIBA and Physical Therapy

Day One of Injury

Superficial skin injury with wound pain.

After One INDIBA Treatment!

After one INDIBA treatment, this is the result the next morning with 50% less wound pain!

After Four Treatments!

After four treatments, the wound was mostly healed with lightened scarring which helped prevent a non-healing wound situation. KAEO Physical Therapy

Injury Bruising With INDIBA

Day One

This is after a patient twisted their ankle severely.

After Three INDIBA Treatments!

There is significant healing in the injury of the muscles and ligaments in the foot! Great combination with traditional Physical Therapy.

Post-Surgical Bruise Care with INDIBA

3 Days Post-Op Appendectomy

There is significant bruising and swelling, and the patient rated their pain about 7-9/10.

3 Treatments/5 Days Later!

The patient reported no real or consistent pain, and the bruising and swelling significantly improved!