Kaeo Physical Therapy Testimonials

Dr. Hillebrand is the BEST! Every day I find things I can do, that I was not able to do last month. I’m happy to be one of his patients.

Nicki Brewer

Such an amazing experience. I came in with a broken wrist, wasn’t able to move anything for a few months. I came in and got the help that I needed! They are always willing to answer any questions, and are willing to help you in anyway that they can. Highly recommend!

Michelle Melgarejo

This physical therapy establishment is highly recommended. I am very happy with my results so far. I saw the therapist, Anthony, and he is a very knowledgeable, professional and experienced. He spends the full hour with me explaining the techniques and exercises. I would recommend this place to family and friends.

Karoll Opitz

Excellent physical therapist, I had back pain for months and now is gone thanks to him, he also uses acupuncture, he is very knowledgeable I recommend him to anyone.

Leonor Villalta

We were treated with a lot do care and they really made sure we were gett5better each time we came. Probably was the best service we have had in a while I really appreciate how nice they were I really loved my time being there. I would suggest this to anyone with pain of any in the body.

Annie Halbert

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Rehab Pro

Alivio physical therapist are exelent & bi-lingual and provide anodyne therapy

Gaby Cruz

I really haven’t had any therapy with this doctor but my doctor is in this same place and I don’t change him for anything and wherever he moves I follow him.