Archer, The Dog!

Archer, The Dog!

Archer is a Great Dane who was born on February 4th, 2020. Archer is completing his therapy dog work. He was the runt of the litter and is currently about 6’3″ and 145 pounds. He is a bit picky about his food but does manage to consume 8-10 cups of food per day.

His duties include greeting people at the door (will retire to be a Walmart greeter most likely), sleeping in either of his beds, the couch, or the mat table, comforting patients, and being the Employee Relations Supervisor for Michelle.

Achievements include winning Employee of the Month for the last 28 months and surviving his brother since birth.

He came into the world with two sole purposes: to sleep and make our patients and staff members’ days better. He has accomplished many things in his life, and the following is a small sample of them:

The Forging Of A Star

Of course, we must start with the adoption of the chosen one.

Learning team-building skills from his elder (that was Wrigley, our past beloved fur-child).

Archer training with his brother, Lambeau, to be therapy dogs.

Archer discovered he can play peek-a-boo at a year old over a 6-foot fence!

Here, Archer worked on developing his disguise skills so could go to school.

Hitting the books to become a therapy dog after being told dog food does not grow on trees.

Archer’s Development Of His Greatest Skill…Sleeping!