INDIBA & Physio-Astethic

Indiana’s Only Provider for INDIBA Treatments

As Indiana’s only INDIBA provider, Kaeo Physical Therapy is excited to offer this amazing technology.

One of the fundamental objectives of your physical therapist is to maintain elasticity and soft tissue functionality, but physio-aesthetic treatment seeks to do so at the same time that the appearance is improved.

Physiosaesthetic Treatments

Physiosaesthetic treatments can not only help you improve pain and circulation, but thanks to the integration that the physiotherapist performs with manual techniques, INDIBA can assist in lymphatic drainage, hence improving the aesthetic appearance of cellulite and the general condition of the skin, especially with acne and stretch marks.

INDIBA also offers other amazing benefits, including:

-Draining tissue fluids from the inside by stimulating the lymphatic system.

-Reduces stubborn areas of fat by increasing the metabolism of those fat cells.

-Improves skin tone by tightening up the collagen.

-Reduce fine lines and wrinkles by improving and increasing collagen.

-And more!

INDIBA-Specific Treatment Options

-Reducing breast size and reshaping the breast

-Tightening up the neck and back of the arms

-Cellulite and stretch mark reduction

-External Vagina tightening

-Love handle reduction

-Reducing stomach fat

-Reducing stretch marks

-Reduce wrinkles

-Acne reduction

Among other options.

All treatments are custom-designed for our patients.

Costs/Contact Information

The average costs per visit are between $175-350 per area.
The average number of treatments per area is 7-9, depending on what you want to achieve.

Discounts for groups and packages are available.

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