Living without foot pain From Kaeo Physical Therapy

Living without foot pain From Kaeo Physical Therapy

January 19, 2023

Foot pain is often caused by a problem with the foot’s plantar fascia and/or heel bone and, surprisingly, foot muscle problems. This article describes how to reduce and eliminate foot pain that has been present for years in just weeks using physical therapy that resolve these painful foot problems.

Foot pain can be really bad. You may feel like you are walking on stones or broken glass some days if you have plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, or other serious foot conditions. Foot pain can keep you from doing the things you enjoy most. It can keep you from enjoying life! It can interfere with your sleep too because of all the tossing and turning you do when trying to get comfortable. A lot of people go years with pain with unsuccessful treatments like injections and surgery.

Foot issues can affect both the young and experienced (not saying “old”) alike. The causes can be different but Kaeo Physical Therapy will assess your needs as an individual for plantar fasciitis treatments or treatment for neuropathy in legs and feet and provide you with the best treatment options at cost-effective rates.

With physical therapy treatments like ASTYM, gait analysis/training, orthotic fitting, and others, the staff at Kaeo Physical Therapy can reduce your pain in as little as 3-4 weeks. We do not use ultrasound or electric stimulation to treat plantar fasciitis since the research does not support its effectiveness.

ASTYM is a specialized technique to break up scar tissue that forms with these chronic injuries to allow the body to restart the stalled healing phase and let your body heal the problem completely. Dr. Hillebrand has had patients with plantar fasciitis for up to 7 years, who have tried about everything, recovered in 9-12 visits to be pain-free.

At Kaeo Physical Therapy, we can look at how you are walking to address any issues that are contributing to your foot, knee, hip, or back pain to allow you to walk around with reduced pain. This can include using video review to show you how you are moving which is contributing to your pain.

We are also able to fit you for orthotics to address issues related to flat feet or high arches that are contributing to your pain. This is a cost-effective way to reduce pain and improve function. At Kaeo Physical Therapy, we believe that orthotics should not cost $200-500 per pair as it puts a significant financial burden on patients and their families and reduces access to these devices. We offer 2 versions of orthotics and both are significantly less than our competitors.

We also carry Archies Orthotic Sandles and OrthoFeet shoes to meet your needs for footwear. If you need something unique then we can search through our partners for the product that is right for you.

Your shoes and/or boots can play a large role in your foot issues. Footwear that is too tight, loose, or poor supportive can add extra stress to your feet and make it difficult to make it through the day. We will access your current footwear and discuss options to improve what you wear to reduce your pain. We can provide you guidelines on purchasing footwear then we can order your footwear to meet your needs or you may go find a search on your own.

We also will discuss foot care in general terms, especially for patients with diabetes as caring for your feet is very important to surviving long days on your feet at work or at school and home.

If you have foot pain, please call us to schedule an appointment so we can help get you back to living life the way you want without foot pain.

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