Now offering Styku- 3D body scanning.

Now offering Styku- 3D body scanning.

February 8, 2023

Styku is a 3D body scanning technology that uses infrared sensors and cameras to capture over 600 measurements of a person’s body. This technology allows for precise measurements of body size, shape, and volume, which can be used for a variety of applications, including fitness assessments, body composition analysis, and custom clothing design.

The Styku scanner takes just a few minutes to capture a person’s body measurements, and the resulting 3D model can be viewed and manipulated in real-time using Styku’s software. This software allows users to analyze their body composition and track changes over time, making it a valuable tool for fitness professionals.

In addition to its fitness applications, Styku’s 3D body scanning technology is also being used by clothing designers and manufacturers to create custom-fitted garments that are tailored to an individual’s specific body shape and size. This can lead to a more comfortable and flattering fit, especially for people who have non-standard body shapes or sizes.

At Kaeo Physical Therapy, we utilize this technology to better inform goal setting and tracking enabling people to meet and often exceed their fitness and health goals. The scans are great as part of an annual physical or in developing your fitness goals.

Styku can be a useful tool for goal setting in several ways:

1. Visual motivation: Seeing a 3D image of their body can be a powerful motivation tool for people who have specific fitness or body composition goals. It allows them to see exactly how their body currently looks and to track changes over time, which can provide a boost of motivation and encouragement to keep pushing forward.

2. Personalized data: Styku provides accurate measurements of body size, shape, and volume, which can help people set more realistic and achievable fitness goals. For example, if someone wants to reduce their waist circumference or increase their leg muscle mass, they can use Styku’s data to create a specific plan to reach those goals.

3. Progress tracking: Styku’s software allows users to track their progress over time and see exactly how their body is changing in response to exercise or other lifestyle changes. This can help users stay accountable to their goals and make necessary adjustments to their fitness routine if needed.

Overall, Styku can be an effective tool for goal setting because it provides users with personalized data and visual feedback that can keep them motivated and on track to achieve their desired outcomes.

We also use it to provide proof of changes as a result of utilizing our Indiba Physio-Aesthetics program to show objective changes as a result of treatment.

Facts about the scans

-The scan takes less than 40 seconds.

-The person rotates on the standing platform.

-The person wears form-fitting clothing, but not tight, to allow for the most accurate information to be gathered.

-Hair should be worn up.

-Scans can be done multiple times per day but are often done every 30-90 days.

-There is no radiation used.

-A printed report is available.

-The cost is $40 for your first scan, then $35 for each additional. Packages and group discounts are available.

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