What is Indiba?

What is Indiba?

March 16, 2023

Indiba is a brand of radiofrequency therapy devices that are used in various medical and aesthetic treatments. The technology behind Indiba is based on radiofrequency energy, which is emitted by the device and penetrates deep into the skin tissue to provide therapeutic benefits.

  • Indiba for Musculoskeletal Pain: INDIBA® is the gold standard in radio frequency treatments to reduce pain and speed up the body’s natural recovery without medications or surgery. Great for • Osteoarthritis • Lower back pain • Neck pain • Bursitis • Tendinopathy • Haematoma • Muscle tears • Sprains • Strains • Muscle spasm
  • Pelvic Health: INDIBA can help you improve pain and reduce incontinence, to allow you a quick return to your daily life without the discomfort of leaks and painlessly. It can help you in recovery later in labor, both in cases with tears or episiotomies. INDIBA can contribute to improving the ability of the pelvic muscles to contract and relax, and this is a key point for pain improvement, and it is also a key factor in men for improving ejaculation control.
  • Physio-Aesthetics: One of the fundamental objectives of your physical therapist is to maintain elasticity and soft tissue functionality, but physio-aesthetic treatment seeks to do so at the same time that the appearance is improved Aesthetic skin. In cases such as after surgery or a C-section, INDIBA can help you reduce inflammation and bruising and by the same time favor that appearance and scar and skin quality be the best possible. INDIBA can accelerate healing and reduce inflammation and bruising to promote proper healing. Physiosaesthetic treatments not only can help you improve pain and circulation, but thanks to the integration that the physiotherapist performs with techniques manuals, can favor drainage lymphatic and the aesthetic appearance of cellulite and of the general condition of the skin. Drains tissues from the inside Acts on localized fat and Improves skin tone It is effective in the buttocks, breasts, and abdomen.

The Indiba device works by emitting a specific frequency of radio waves that are designed to stimulate the production of collagen, increase blood flow, and promote tissue regeneration. This can result in reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and an overall improvement in the health and appearance of the skin or soft tissue.

Indiba therapy is generally considered safe when it is performed by a qualified professional and used as directed. However, like any medical or aesthetic treatment, there are some potential risks and side effects to be aware of.

The most common (but very rare) side effects associated with Indiba therapy include:

1. Redness: After treatment, some patients may experience mild redness or irritation at the treatment site, which usually subsides within a few hours.

2. Swelling: In some cases, Indiba therapy may cause temporary swelling, especially in the treatment area. This typically resolves within 24-48 hours.

3. Bruising: Some patients may experience bruising at the treatment site, but this is relatively uncommon and is typically gone in 24-72 hours.

Rare or more serious side effects can occur, such as burns or tissue damage, if the treatment is not performed properly by an experienced professional, or if the device is defective. It is important to choose a reputable practitioner and to provide them with your complete medical history before undergoing any Indiba treatment.

Patients who have implanted devices, such as pacemakers or metal plates, should avoid Indiba therapy or inform the practitioner about their device before the treatment, as radiofrequency energy can interfere with their functioning.

Overall, Indiba therapy is considered a safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects when it is performed by trained and experienced practitioners.

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